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Whether you have spent your entire life dreaming up the perfect vision of your wedding, or need some help finding it…we are here to help you make it happen.   Primal Alchemy is a chef-owned, food-driven catering company that transforms fresh ingredients from area farmers and artisanal sources into amazing food. All of our seasonal menus are customized for your wedding. 

Style of Service

Casual, Elegant, Intimate, Elaborate…your wedding should reflect you. The style of service can enhance the theme and create an experience to remember. We have outlined 4 of the most popular options or we can create one just for you.

Family Style

Platters of beautifully arranged food arrive at the tables for your guests to pass and share with one another, promoting the fun that comes with interaction and community. A chic and casual way to bring comfortable ambiance to your wedding.


Whether guests serve themselves or are served by an attendant, buffet style service can be a great way to get guests up and moving. Our bountiful buffets are set up with chaffing dishes, large platters and baskets and can be single or double sided depending upon number of guests. A casual and organized way to allow your guests select from a multitude of options.

Food/Action Stations

To maximize the mingling, food stations are your answer. Guests stroll from station to station helping themselves to an assortment of tastes. Allowing for a variety of offerings, stations are the perfect way to capture cultural influences, unique ingredients and diverse dishes. Action stations kick up the fun by turning food into entertainment…the best of both worlds.


The ultimate in elegance, sit down plated service is traditional and timeless. Combined with a passed appetizer cocktail hour this will create the ultimate experience. If you are looking to pamper your seated guests with full service for a multi-course menu, this formal style will shine.

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