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For our Iberico Pigs, we go to Encina Farms. Their pigs are raised in the Spanish Dehesa style, which means in the Iberian pigs’ natural habitat. Locally raised in California, they are raised in an open pasture, where they can run, get shade from the oak trees, and eat the acorns that later give these pigs their unique flavor.


Sheldrake’s Coffee Roasting selects only the finest, top grade arabica coffee beans from around the world. But the real difference is in the roasting. Coffee will lose 25% of its flavor in the first two weeks after roasting. That’s why they roast right in the store, providing the highest quality, freshest and best tasting coffee available!

Owner, Mike Sheldrake


Nuvo Olive Oil is 100% family-owned and cared for! We proudly take immense care of our century’s old olive orchard. Our mission is to bring you the utmost authentic, best quality and tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oils — packed with goodness and full of medicinal like qualities — from our olive farm to your table.


We often use West Caught Fish Company, by Scott Breneman for local black cod and other seasonal fish & Critters in Malibu for our lobsters. These fisheries are two of the most regulated and protected fisheries in California


Colossus Bread, owned by Kristin & Nick Rodriguez, bakes their artisan bread with nutrition in mind. Pastry Chef and Baker, Kristin Colazas Rodriguez is passionate about whole grains, a variety of grains, high hydration and long fermentation. Along with never using bleached flours, Colossus is commitment to organic flours and source all of their flours directly from Camas Country Mill and Central Milling.

Owners, Kristin & Nick Rodriguez


Long Beach Creamery focuses on using local, organic ingredients to create signature flavors of ice cream. “Our ice cream helps to tell the story of Long Beach and its growing food culture.

Owner, Dina Amadril


Long Beach Mushrooms is a hyper-local gourmet mushroom farm located in Long Beach, California. Owners Justin and Mia are dedicated to providing fresh, sustainable, and locally-sourced mushrooms to their community because they believe that healthy food and connection are the foundation for a better life.


Arturo and Ana are the owners of Gusto Bread. The bakery is amongst the 100 Best Bakeries in America and is featured in the LA Times, The New York Times, Food & Wine, Eater LA, ABC7, amongst others. Using Indigenous ingredients, they challenge European authority in baking. Using Certified Organic flours, grains, oil, and fruit, Gusto utilizes the cleanest and local sources for the freshest bread. They also take good care of their carbon footprint by the use of Plant-based cutlery, take-out boxes and cold cups, recycled and/or recyclable bags, paper products and packaging printed with non-toxic inks.

Owners, Arturo Enciso & Ana Belén Salatino


TransparentSea Shrimp Farm, by Steve Sutton, raises premium prawns on a sustainable indoor farm at a fraction of the usual impact on the environment. Their Climate Conscious Shrimp is the best source for clean, healthy shrimp. They are catalysts in the movement to make our seafood production systems healthy for us and the planet.



Owner, Jessica Carrillo

We plan and design bold, creative, soulful, and hospitality-forward weddings and celebrations.

At Art & Soul Events®, we produce high-end experiences in unconventional venues for clients who make their own rules. We transform private estates, film sets, hotels, museums, vineyards, forests, and historical properties into immersive event locations. After nearly a decade of events under our belt and with a deeply connected network of talent, we’ll make your planning experience enjoyable, fun, and easy to navigate.


Owner, Kim Ebeling

Ebeling Events is an award-winning event planning team currently servicing the greater Los Angeles area from Orange to Santa Barbara counties, and everything in between. Based in Malibu, California, they are the local experts for Malibu destination weddings and are ready to help you plan, design & execute your perfect event.

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