Covid Illustration

Sustainability, Not So Sustainable Under Covid

As an official State Certified Green Business, and the first one to attain this status in the City of Long Beach, we are inherently involved in all things sustainable. We qualified for this status because we founded our business 20 years ago with seasonal, local, and sustainable as our core ethos. While these words have become quite trendy recently, we have truly walked our talk.

This dedication, no matter what, is why we have become frustrated at the lack of responsibility on the part of so many businesses during the shutdown, it seems that sustainability ‘went out the window’. With all the ‘to go’ food happening, we witnessed a plethora of Styrofoam and plastics everywhere. In Long Beach, for instance, where Styrofoam is legally banned since October 1, 2020, it’s like the law never went into place. With no oversight, food entities were doing what they could to survive and save their businesses during the shutdown, so sustainability became a low priority.

At Primal Alchemy, we adhered to our strict green guidelines even though we pivoted 5 different ways during the shutdown. All our packaging remained recyclable or biodegradable, we still compost, and all the other things on the checklist. We were able to be re-certified in 2022 because our practices are sound and consistent.

Now that things are opened back up, we need to re-focus on incorporating sustainability into our everyday business practices. Plastic and Styrofoam are still really bad for our environment, there is no arguing about that. Consumers need to educate themselves and hold businesses accountable as well as adapting sustainable practices in their homes and at their workplace.

I am calling for everyone to do your part in helping clean up our act and take care of our planet. As we know, the Earth will be fine in the long run, as it will heal itself eventually…our challenge is to make sure we’re still thriving as its inhabitants.

Do your part. It’s necessary and it feels good.