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Styles of Service

The first big choice you’ll make as you plan your event is how to serve your guests. Depending on the vision you have for your event, a certain type of service style or even a combination of styles might work better than others.

Cocktail Reception
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Cocktail Reception

Many options are available for a cocktail reception. This style is great for a stand-up-only event or when a short time frame is needed, and it can be as formal or casual as desired.

Small single bite appetizers can be tray passed, allowing the guests to flow from conversation to conversation without interruption. The appetizers can change as the event progresses, giving a variety throughout.

There is always an option for adding a few stationary appetizers, such as the ultimate cheese and charcuterie display or an over-the-top vegetable crudité.

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A standout in elegance, sit down plated service is traditional and timeless. Combined with a passed appetizer cocktail hour, this will create the ultimate experience.

If you are looking to pamper your seated guests with full service for a multi-course menu, this more formal style is the way to go.

Food Stations​
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Food Stations

To maximize the mingling, food stations are your answer. Guests stroll from station to station helping themselves to an assortment of tastes. Allowing for a variety of offerings, stations are the perfect way to capture cultural influences, unique ingredients and diverse dishes.

Action stations kick up the fun by turning food into entertainment…the best of both worlds.

Family Style
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Family Style

Platters of beautifully arranged food arrive at the tables for your guests to pass and share with one another, promoting the fun that comes with interaction and community.

A chic and casual way to bring comfortable ambiance to your event.

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Whether guests serve themselves or are served by an attendant, buffet style service can be a great way to get guests up and moving.

Our bountiful buffets are set up with chaffing dishes, large platters and baskets and can be single or double-sided, depending upon number of guests.

A casual and organized way to allow your guests to select from a multitude of options.

Boxed Meal​
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Boxed Meal

For the event on-the-go, this is the perfect option. When it comes to picnics, concerts, boating, bussing or biking… a farm-to-boxed gourmet meal is the perfect option! All you need will be in your own gourmet box of goodness.

Whether you pick up from our kitchen or we deliver to you, everything is guaranteed to be fresh with all locally sourced ingredients.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up​
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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Perfectly suited for when time is of the essence, our always-on-time crew delivers freshly prepared offerings straight to you. We can arrange to deliver on biodegradable serveware or actual chaffing dishes and platters.

Eco-friendly plates, utensils, cups and napkins make clean up quick and easy…and environmentally sound

What Our Clients Say

We Love What We Do. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

It was wonderful working with Cindy and the team at Primal Alchemy who helped us to deliver an LA-based event for exclusive U.S. clientele all the way from New Zealand. We had exceptional feedback from guests about the food and service. We highly recommend and look forward to working with them again.
Tom C.
From booking our dinner party with Cindy until the day of the event, it was professionalism all the way. I can't say enough about the level of service, the positive and helpful attitudes as well as the quality of the food (the short ribs were amazing!). It was my first time using their services and will definitely use them again. Thank you for helping make our evening so special.
Shelley P.
Long Beach
We used Primal Alchemy two nights in a row for entertaining while attending the ACT Expo in Anaheim. Chef Paul is amazing! We had guests coming and going for hours and he was continuously made fresh appetizers for each guest. Chef's assistant was a great help in the kitchen cleaning constantly and serving guests. Cindy did a wonderful job of communicating with me to make sure our event was a great success.
Tracy R.
San Francisco
Chef Paul and Cindy in the office are just wonderful. We talked a few times before the party and the more I talked the more excited I became. Anyway the food and serving came out exceeded my expectations. My guests also said this was a memorable experience. I wish I could eat Chef Paul's food more often.
Ming W.

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