About Primal Alchemy

The term “Primal Alchemy” describes humankind’s first attempt at turning raw ingredients into rich, flavorful dishes. Chef Paul Buchanan expertly applies this alchemy with today’s technology to create exceptional cuisine, bursting with flavor.


Chef- Driven


Primal Alchemy is a Chef-driven catering company serving all of Southern California, specializing in cooking with organic, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

With a thorough background in traditional culinary preparation, and a progressive approach that incorporates the increasingly popular Farm To-Table Philosophy, Primal Alchemy collaborates with local producers to provide a diverse array of food that is extremely fresh, simply seasoned, and prepared in the most straightforward manner.

Seasonal and Customized


Our menus are constantly evolving to reflect the seasons and resources. We work with our clients to customize and create menus with ingredients at the peak of their season assuring the best flavors to suit all dietary needs to ensure maximum success and guest satisfaction.

We Go Anywhere and Everywhere


Primary Alchemy provides its distinctive food and drink offerings in countless settings; ranging from intimate gatherings to large functions with thousands in attendance; at unique and traditional venues such as historic buildings, farms, waterfronts, warehouses and art galleries.

We can cater anywhere- let us help make your dream a reality!

Why Primal Alchemy?


  • Leaders: We were the first to embrace seasonal, sustainable and local catering.  We founded our company on it.
  • Relationships: Your event will benefit from long and trusted relationships with our Ingredient Resources
  • Farmers are Our Friends: You will know where your food comes from.
  • We Cook On Site
  • 100% Self Staffed
  • Fully Insured & Licensed
  • Owner Operated
  • Venue Relationships
  • Work alongside other vendors to ensure success
  • Custom & creative menus for each client
  • Our food will leave a lasting impression on your guests pallets

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